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qPCR Symposium 2023

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                      PhysiologyqPCR EventsqPCR CyclerqPCR DyesReverse TranscriptionRNA integritymicro RNAqPCR Efficiency
qPCR Efficiency

mRNA structure and
                    analysis methodsclassical block
                    RT-PCRcompetitive RT-PCRreal-time RT-PCRcalculation of
                    real-time PCR efficiency (E)available real-time PCR platformsfluorescence detection chemistryoptimization strategies
                    for kinetic RT-PCRreal-time RT-PCR
                    quantification strategiesabsolute
                    quantification using real-time PCRrelative quantification using real-time PCR

Relative Expression
                      Software Tool (C)download of
                      software tools

problems derived from
                      housekeeping genes
determination of
                      the best suited housekeeping genes and comparision
                      with target genes

Technical University of
Center of Life Sciences Weihenstephan
Institute of Physiology